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Study on Aggression Between Housemate Cats is Looking for Participants

Study on Aggression Between Housemate Cats is Looking for Participants


Name of study: “Improvement of Aggression Between Housemate Cats”

Date(s): Currently enrolling until July 2014 Description of study: The hospital is recruiting client-owned cats to participate in a clinical study that will assess the effect of a new pheromone product for the management and resolution of aggression between familiar housemate cats. This prospective, double blind trial is designed to investigate the causes of aggression between housemate cats, strategies owners use to intervene and the resolution of aggression. Eligibility is determined by owner completion of a check list. Cats that have been fighting for more than 2 weeks may be eligible. Households including more than 6 cats are not eligible. Cats that are separated within the same home are not eligible. Use of any natural OTC supplements or pheromones in the home within 30 days of enrollment is not allowed. Use of longer acting medications (e.g. fluoxetine) is not allowed within 90 days. Volunteers are enrolled by attending a two hour educational meeting during which the feline social relationships, significance of feline body postures, and common aggressive displays is discussed. Study materials will be distributed and the first forms will be completed together. The cats do not attend the meeting. In the course of this study, a daily diary and weekly observation of feline interactions will be recorded for 7 weeks. The owner completes the Oakland Feline Social Interactions Scale (OFSIS), a 12 point scale which includes parameters for frequency and intensity of a collection of aggressive and fearful responses. The owner is the key observer in this field study. All participants are also given the same guidelines for how to manage aggressive interactions between their housemate cats. There is no fee for participating in this study. Volunteers are given a $50.00 gift card upon completion of study observations.


Thank you for your consideration.


Theresa DePorter, BS, DVM, DECAWBM, DACVB

Behavioral Medicine Oakland Veterinary Referral Services

1400 S. Telegraph Rd.

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302



Pet Smart Charities upcoming Community Cats Series Webinars – April 9, 16 & 23

Pet Smart Charities upcoming Community Cats Series Webinars - April 9, 16 & 23


Can you believe we’re already a third of the way through our 2014 Community Cats series? Hopefully you can set aside some time in April to join us for even more in-depth webinars that will help you implement or grow a TNR program in your community.
As always, please feel free to cross post and share this email.

April Webinars

Trapping 101
Presented by Shelly Kotter, Best Friends
April 9 at 12:00 p.m. PDT

Learn the basics of trapping, including what equipment to use, how to use it, different kinds of bait, items to bring along and special tricks.

Grassroots Mobilization: Getting the Community Involved
Presented by Bryan Kortis, PetSmart Charities
April 16 at 12:00 p.m. PDT

Learn how to mobilize members of the public to participate hands-on in your TNR project.

Drop Traps: A Trapper’s Best Friend
Presented by Meredith Weiss, Neighborhood Cats
April at 12:00 p.m. PDT

Learn to use a drop trap to catch difficult cats, pick out select cats from a colony and speed up the process of TNR’ing an entire colony.


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2. Log in to your learning community account or create a new account

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We record every webinar and post it to our learning community approximately one week after the live session. To check out a recorded session:

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MSU Annouces next edition of their Horse Owner’s Seminar Series

MSU Annouces next edition of their Horse Owner’s Seminar Series


MSU will be hosting their next free equine seminar on April 19, 2014 from 10 am to 1 pm in G 150 at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. John Caron will talk about “Handling Emergencies on the Trail”

Dr. Judy Marteniuk will talk about “Equine Biosecurity – Keeping your horse safe from infectious disease”

To register for the class and to find out more info – go to:

or contact:
Judy Marteniuk

Register NOW for the 2014 MPAW Workshop Series!

Register NOW for the 2014 MPAW Workshop Series!


Learn more about the animal welfare field from great regional and local animal welfare personnel. Get to know and network with others that work in the field in close proximity to your organization.

ASPCA Equine 2

The cost is $20 for the first person from your organization and $10 for each additional person.



Go to to find out locations, what topics are being discussed, and more!

Hurry space is limited!



MPAW’s “Rescue Detroit” Meeting – A powerful first step!


On Wednesday, March 26 the animal welfare & rescue community gathered together at the American Indian Health and Family Services Building in their Social Hall. It was a ground breaking meeting at which 20 groups talked about their efforts within the city of Detroit. Group representatives discussed what they thought were the biggest challenges facing the animals in the city as well as the biggest obstacles they faced when in the field. Open and honest discussions and forward thinking ideas created a positive atmosphere for all. It was an encouraging first step in building a collaborative effort to help more animals living in the Motor City. Progress is what moves us toward great impact to save more animal lives.




SB = Senate Bill         HB = House Bill        (!!**!!)  = URGENT ACTION NEEDED!            MHS   = MHS bill

(!!**!!)   MHS – SB560 & HB5095: Large-Scale Breeder Requirements and Stray Holding Periods
CALLS NEEDED! Calls are needed to the members of the Senate Agriculture and House Regulatory Reform Committees in order for these bills to be taken up. SB560 was introduced by Senator Bieda in the Senate on 10/1/13 where it was referred to the Committee on Agriculture. In the House, Representative Mike McCready introduced HB5095 on 10/23/13 where it was referred to the House Committee on Regulatory Reform. These bills amend Public Act 287 by adding large-scale dog breeders to registered entities, clarifying holding periods for stray pets in animal shelters, and updating imported animal vaccination and pet health certificate requirements for registered entities. SB560 & HB5095 define large-scale dog breeders; require them to register with Michigan Dept. of Agriculture and Rural Development; limit the size of commercial kennels to 50 adult female breeding dogs at one address; and require annual reporting and daily record-keeping. In terms of stray pet holding in animal shelters, these bills require any animal with traceable identification be held for at least 7 days; require animal shelters to trace ID using all reasonable means to contact the owner; require stray dogs without ID be held for at least 4 days, while and stray cats without ID may be immediately adopted, transferred or reclaimed, but may not be euthanized for at least 4 days. The bill also defines holding days to include any day or part of a day a shelter is open including weekends; and transfer ownership of the animal to the animal shelter after holding period is complete. STATUS: SB560 had a hearing on Thursday, October 31, 2013 at which several Michigan agencies and organizations testified in support, including Michigan Humane Society, the Ingham County Animal Shelter, the Michigan Association of Animal Control Officers, St. Joseph County Animal Shelter, WishBone Pet Rescue (Allegan County), and Puppy Mill Awareness of Southeast Michigan. HB5095 is awaiting a hearing in the House Committee on Regulatory Reform.

Read more

New Online Video Training Series re: Law Enforcement Officer/Dog Encounters

New Online Video Training Series re: Law Enforcement Officer/Dog Encounters



Dear Michigan shelters, rescues, and animal control agencies,

If your community has recently had any incidents involved officer-involved shootings of dogs, or injuries to officers by dogs, this article, “Safety for Canines and Cops,” may be helpful for you to share with local or county law enforcement agencies. It’s about a new online video series from the National Canine Research Council (NCRC) in partnership with Safe Humane Chicago and the United States Department of Justice, to help officers more accurately read and assess a dog’s body language, improving the safety of both dogs and law enforcement personnel.


The article is in the latest issue of “The Scoop,” our bimonthly e-newsletter from focusing on the latest info to help you in your work with animals. You can sign up for The Scoop! at


Safety for Canines and Cops
How can we reduce the risk?
Police officers can’t be expected to be dog behaviorists, but there’s a new tool available that can arm them to more accurately read and assess a dog’s body language, improving the safety of both dogs and law enforcement personnel. From the National Canine Research Council (NCRC) in partnership with Safe Humane Chicago and the United States Department of Justice, the new video training series, “Police & Dog Encounters: Tactical Strategies and Effective Tools to Keep Our Communities Safe and Humane,” consists of five 10-minute segments. They feature Chicago police officers in situations they routinely encounter on duty, along with a dog behavior expert demonstrating real-life scenarios with SWAT and street officers. All too often reports of police officers shooting dogs and officer’s getting injured on the job flood the news. Help save more lives by sharing these videos with your community’s law enforcement.
Read more on the safety issues that animal control officers face in their daily work in Animal Sheltering magazine article “Lives on the Line.”

MPAW Visit/Share/Learn Day Reaches, Teaches

Group photo: new friends from around the state!

Group photo: new friends from around the state!

The second MPAW Visit/Share/Learn Day brought together registered shelters from around the state at the end of March. Five agencies took part: Delta Animal Shelter (Escanaba); Ingham County Animal Shelter (Mason); SPCA of SW Michigan (Kalamazoo); Blue Water Humane Society (Clyde/Port Huron); and Wexford County Animal Shelter (Cadillac). The full day of training was provided free of charge by MPAW to strengthen networking ties among agencies and share information on managed intake processes. Read more

MPAW Visits Animal Shelters in Ottawa and Montcalm Counties

BestPals Rescue Center

The last day of winter found MPAW’s Linda Reider on the road to visit four animal shelters in Ottawa and Montcalm Counties. A warm welcome awaited her at the newly-established BestPals Animal Rescue Center in Holland, the first stop on the daylong tour. Meow Meow and Deb Westerhof, the official welcoming committee, proudly showed off the clean and well-cared-for space for dogs and cats. Read more

MPAW “Rescue Detroit” Meeting Rescheduled for Wednesday March 26 @ 6:30 p.m.

MPAW “Rescue Detroit” Meeting Rescheduled for Wednesday March 26th at 6:30 p.m.

MPAW (Michigan Partnership for Animal Welfare) and the Michigan Humane Society are sponsoring a meeting for animal groups who provide animal services in the City of Detroit. We are hopeful that groups such as yours – dedicated to educating the community and helping to make Detroit a better place for animals – will join us.  Our goal for this first meeting is to get to know each other and get a feel for each organization’s goals and efforts.  The issues facing the animals of Detroit are too big for one organization to tackle alone.  Let’s join together, identify the main challenges we all face in the City and together, do a greater good for Detroit’s animals. This can be the start of something big.
Read more

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