Detroit Metro Area TNR Class Offered to Cat Caregivers

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Feral Cat Workshop Offered July 31st to Detroit Metro Area Residents

The Michigan Humane Society (MHS) will hold a feral cat trap-neuter-release (TNR)  workshop on July 31, for people who want to help reduce the number of homeless cats and provide feral cats with much needed care. The workshop will teach residents how to use TNR, the most effective and humane way of handling feral cats. Using TNR, cats who live outdoors are humanely captured, and brought in for sterilization, vaccination, identification, and then their caregivers return them to the same location they were found. This method works to gradually reduce the number of cats in specific areas, and affords feral cats a healthier more comfortable life.

MHS will teach people who want to manage a colony of feral cats near their home or where they work how to work with the humane society to provide vaccinations, sterilization and veterinary care. People will be trained on proper techniques and equipment to humanely trap feral cats and bring them to the MHS for sterilization and identification. The animals will then be released back to their habitat by their caretaker.

The workshop starts at 5:30 p.m. at the Michigan Humane Society’s administrative office, 30300 Telegraph Road, Suite 220, in Bingham Farms. Register online or get more information at  /feral   or by phone at 248-283-1000, ext. 127. An RSVP is required.

Reducing the number of kittens born out-of-doors is critical to reducing euthanasia of cats in animal shelters statewide. Programs such as these help reduce the number of free-roaming felines, and have been tested nationwide for a number of years. Many humane societies and rescue organizations offer TNR training and services. Check with your local humane group to find one today! Together, we can greatly reduce the number of unwanted kittens in Michigan.

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