GLAWC Speaker Feature: Dave Pauli – Presenting: Wildlife Handling and Rehabilitation

GLAWC Speaker Feature: Dave Pauli – Presenting: Wildlife Handling and Rehabilitation


More exotic animals and wildlife than ever are entering animal shelters and running loose in the community. This session will give you the tools that you need to safely and humanely capture and handle a variety of unusual animals and develop an appropriate plan to treat and release or rehome them.

Dave Pauli is the Senior Advisor -Wildlife Response & Policy at The Humane Society of the United States. He is the leader of the Wildlife Response Team working with government, private agencies or individuals to help wildlife in crisis. This includes disaster responses, wildlife hoarder/cruelty situations, contraceptive projects and chemical capture projects.

He assists the other HSUS wildlife programs like The Prairie Dog Coalition, Poaching, Prevention, Lead Free, Wildlife Abuse Campaign, and immunocontraceptive outreach.
Dave has authored chapters in both Wild Neighbors books and the National Animal Control Association training manual chapter on small animal capture and handling. Dave serves on a dozen internal, foundation, sanctuary, state committees, boards, or advisory groups.

Dave has rehabbed wildlife for 36 years and worked for The Humane Society/FFA for twenty-
three years in many capacities. Dave previously was an Animal Control Superintendent, a private
humane society director, and owned his own wildlife conflict resolution business.

His session is designed to be interactive and focused on your challenges and questions, so take advantage of this opportunity to get his expert advice on your issues!

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